Monday, May 14, 2007

Get your gator on

The excitement began today when I was trying to cross a canal in order to get to one of the research sites and I discovered this alligator lurking there. I was considering trying to jump over it, but not after seeing that the gator was waiting for people just like me to fall in while trying to jump across.

This Pine Warbler was ready for action when I started pishing at him.

I watched a few Red-winged Blackbirds mobbing a crow.

I love Eastern Meadowlarks! They are fat and have short tails, which is a guaranteed formula for cuteness. They also sing inexhaustibly.

A group of Black Vultures was perched on the fence along the Anhinga Trail. They would jump down onto the ground and run along the trail, looking like overgrown chickens. You could tell they were a close-knit family by the way one of the parents puked into the kids' mouths.
This gator was either lying in wait or just taking a nap.

This lizard was obviously trying to come on to me.

A gigantic Florida softshell turtle, giving me the evil eye.

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