Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Cypress and Florida Panther NWR

Common Yellowthroats were everywhere, true to their name, and always up for pishing. I love the posture of the one above.

Check out the puffy throat on this guy as he sings his mighty song to drive me away.

Finally, a decent photo of a Brown-headed Nuthatch! He's characteristically upside down. Don't they get dizzy that way?

The cuteness factor on this fuzzy nuthatch fledgling is unbelievable.

They're like little gophers, always popping their heads out from behind pine branches, except they can do it right side up or upside down.

A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, looking like a mini Great-crested Flycatcher.

I saw this Barred Owl at Big Cypress National Preserve shortly after dawn, sitting silently in a pine. The reason for his departure was the harassment of a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Most of the flowers around here are pink or purple.

This tree frog was hopping around on a saw palmetto.

White-eyed Vireos could be heard anywhere you listened.

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