Monday, March 5, 2007

A historic moment and a chickadee

This is the historic and momentous moment of my first posting. Maybe I should explain who I am first. I am a college student, a female college student of legal drinking age nonetheless, who both stays up until 4 am doing rebellious college things AND regularly skulks around with binoculars stalking birds, even pishing if appropriate. There seems to be a generalization that birding is not a realm of people of my demographic and I want to prove that it can be, and not only that, but it can be cool. How this blog will help, I am not sure. I just like talking about birds, let's be honest here.

What about the chickadee part? Well, I'm very fond of chickadees, and so I put a birdfeeder up on the porch of my apartment where I can see it from my window. Sure enough, a chickadee has been a regular patron. Yesterday, he was gorging himself for an uninterrupted span of about 20 minutes, and the wind started blowing the feeder around pretty hard (it's just made of plastic), but he dug his heels in and hung on. It was hilarious-looking, like the birdfeeder was one of those whirly things at a fair. So today when I came back from classes and saw him back on the feeder, I decided to sneak up on him. He was so engrossed in picking the best seeds that I was only a few feet away from him before he noticed me and boy, was he mad that I'd tricked him. He was 'chick-a-dee-dee'ing at me from the tree outside the porch and if chickadees have curse words, he was using all of them.

A chickadee from my backyard.

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